In this weeks theme of love, I want to touch upon self-love. A few years ago that came to me as kind of a shock. It is not selfish, and it is even necessary to be able to love someone else. Someone told me that you can only give as much as you have for yourself.

Oh, okay, work to do. And so I did. I often notice that the people I paint do not have so much self-love. Not enough anyway, but after they look at their portrait something changes. It is as if I touched their authenticity, went into a place they do not even know about themselves.

Feedback I received

It changes perceptions was one form of feedback I received from a customer. You gave him a face, said another customer who saw her twin brother for the very first time. It is as if he follows me through the room with his eyes, said another customer.

For the coming festive days, you can give yourself the gift of art to bring self-love in your life, and beauty.


I would like to ask you, when it comes to loving yourself, what is your biggest fear or challenge? Please let me know in the comments.

Forthcoming Program

Oh, and I am about to launch a beta program that will help you make a transformation just as it did with me. To find self-love and a purpose. Join the community to get more information about this new program.

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