1. What exactly are you offering?
I paint portraits as a story and make an illustrated version of your story in a book.

2. How does the process work?
After a first talk, we decide what it is you want to commission. I work out a contract and we meet again to exchange this and start the process of working together to capture your story. I will ask questions to guide you and record your story. This story will be transcribed and used as is, no editing, to give it the power and emotion you had while telling me. I make some quick sketches of your portrait and take some photos that I use for reference. I will always keep you in the loop about the progress if you commissioned me with a portrait.

3. How long does it take to create the portrait and/or book?
It depends on the size of the portrait and whether you choose oil or watercolour, it will take up about 2 to 6 month to create the portrait and the book. The book alone will take about 1 month to two months to create.

4. Do you also create a group portrait and story?
Even though I have done group portraits, I prefer solo because it captures the emotion and the specific story that’s you. Your story is very personal and therefore I do not create group stories unless each of you tells her/his/their own story. Group portraits and stories have a way higher price tag, which will be discussed when you commission me.

5. What are your offers and prices?
 – Illustrated Book (7 x 7 inch/ 18 x 18 cm) of your story without portrait drawing in it £500,-
– Illustrated Book (7 x 7 inch/ 18 x 18 cm) of your story with a portrait drawing in it £1000,-
100% deposit is required for these offers.
 – Watercolour portrait + illustrated book (12 x 12 inch/ 30 x 30 cm) of your story £2500,-
– Portrait in oil in a variety of sizes + illustrated book of your story have a price range from £5000 – £10.000 (book sizes: lay flat 12 x 12 inch/ 30 x 30 cm or 13 x 11 inch/ 33 x 28 cm)
50% deposit is required for these offers.
Shipping costs are not included.

6. What else do you paint?
I do not paint anything else. Portraits are my speciality.

7. Do you travel for portraits and stories?
I live in London and travel for portraits and stories. But be aware that the portrait/ book price does not include travel expenses.

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