Stay True To Who You Are, You Are Good Enough

My Story

Once upon a time
there was a girl that loved music and art. This girl also felt that she was different than her friends. Her view on the world was different; she was very shy and very emotional, always caring and putting herself and her dreams second. She also knew that she was attracted more to her female friends than to her male friends.

she made music and was either drawing or painting. Meanwhile, she suppressed who she was, highly sensitive and bi-sexual. Every day she was dreaming about her life as an artist, to make a difference with her art.

Until one day
she learned to paint portraits and found she had a deep conversation with them.

Because of that
she developed a deep desire to tell the stories of other people by painting their portraits.

she had to dive deep into herself to solve her own pain, which resulted in her profound mission. Because she had suppressed her feelings, her highly sensitive nature, she could never be who she really was, she never felt good enough and that opened her up for humiliation.

Until finally
she made a choice; to actually be who she really is. She found the love of her life and she started to use her highly sensitive nature as a gift. Things started to change and she soon was able to build her art business to serve people who are not able to be who they really are, do not feel good enough and get humiliated time and time again.

What’s in it for you?
Let me guide you and take you with me into a process that will empower you, that will make you proud of your own story and give you your own power back. I do this by painting your portrait in oil, or watercolour, embedded with the things you love, and make art of the story as you told me, which also has the process of the portrait sketches and paintings.

It takes courage to be who you are. I will help you and guide you with that and show you that you deserve, and are worthy to be seen as a work of art, that You are Good Enough.

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