My mission is to create beauty, and to capture the soul of the people we love.

How it all Started…

Karin is a classically trained musician. After years of playing, studying and teaching, her passion for playing the flute was scattered when she woke up to a noise in her ears that wasn’t there before. Tinnitus hit her hard and for a time she was completely lost. After a few years she accepted the fact, not being able to really play again. After an extremely difficult time in her life, she packed her bags and went to London, and finally returned to Amsterdam again after 2 years. She picked up her love for visual art, illustration and graphic design again. Ever since she has created various book cover illustrations, and illustrations for books, works on portrait commissions, started to work on a comic, and graphic design commissions. She has found her main mission, which is to create beauty, and to capture the soul of the people we love.

How she came to her mission

Still grieving over her latest huge loss, she finds relieve in working on her illustrations and art. It was not the first time she lost something. In 2005 she lost her brother in a car accident. That brought her to the portraits. She always had a passion for portraits, however, while drawing the portrait of her brother, she found she was able to grieve. This passion for portraits and the grieving, brought her to her mission to help people with their grieving too. She was asked to paint portraits for other people who also lost a loved one. She firmly believes that with the portraits she creates, she captures the soul of that person, and that it helps people with their grief. Portraits are more than just a snapshot, they actually tell us a story, a story of life, and passion, of pain and grief.

Karin Merx, BMus, MA is the cover artist and illustrator of the first comprehensive academic book on Michael Jackson,  ‘The Dangerous Philosophies of Michael Jackson: His Music, His Persona, and His Artistic Afterlife. Merx is founder and editor of the world’s first peer-reviewed academic journal on Michael Jackson’s art, life and work: ‘The Journal of Michael Jackson Academic Studies’ and she is co-presenter of the acclaimed podcast, Michael Jackson’s Dream Lives On: An Academic Conversation’, mentioned in iTunes as ‘New and Noteworthy’Merx is musician, artist, filmmaker, and academic with 20 years of teaching experience. She studied at the Academy of Music in Amsterdam, and is an alumna of The Academy of Music in Amsterdam and the Open University in the Netherlands where she studied cultural studies with a specialisation in Art History. She is a PhD scholar and her research focuses on the museum policy of the director, Edy De Wilde at the Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam (1963-1984). She is the author of the academic book, ‘A festive parade of highlights. La Grande Parade as evaluation of the museum policy of Edy De Wilde at the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam’ published with academic publisher Eburon. This landmark publication, currently exclusively available in Dutch, is the first of its kind that focuses solely on De Wilde and his tenure as the director of the Stedelijk. It is therefore an indispensable source for students and researchers in museum history and modern art in the twentieth century.

For ‘The Journal of Michael Jackson Academic Studies’, she wrote the well received article: ‘From Throne to Wilderness. Michael Jacksons Stranger in Moscow and the Foucauldian Outlaw‘ and a book review on ‘Dangerousby Susan FastThis review is also translated in German and Italian.

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