See the wonder in everything said the special effects man who showed me the top of a matchstick. The top of a matchstick is the wonder? To me, it was nothing more than a matchstick. I looked at him with the question marks clearly in my eyes. ‘Yes’, he said: ‘when I had to enlarge this to massive proportions, I started to notice the particles, the fibre of the wood and I saw the wonder.’

We have to see the wonder in everything, or better, we have to learn to see the wonder in everything again, like a small child who is in awe when the light is switched on. Often we drift off and do not really see who we are. We mirror to what is said to us. We reflect on what society expects from us, we mirror to what we expect from ourselves.

But do we take the time to see the wonder in our beautiful eyes, in our stories? Do we see the wonder in who we have become despite struggles?

Portrait Thelonious Monk that I made and seeing the wonder in everything
Karin Merx, 2017, Thelonious Monk, Pencil on paper

I was drawing this portrait, which focuses solely on the face. I noticed the wonder in all the details in this face. All of them tell me the story of who this giant in Jazz was. How he lived for his music, how he composed music that was even ahead of his time. This small drawing is monumental because I noticed the wonder.

Can you tell me what you feel or see when you look at this portrait?

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