‘Jean the First’ oil on canvas


Oil on Canvas
Size: 54 H x 64 W x 5 cm
Frame wooden box

Ships in a cardboard box


Jean The First, Jean Michel Basquiat, the artist who died in 1987 was just 27 years old. He had to endure a lot of racism, but because his art was original, people were standing in line to wait till he finished another painting. His dream was to be acknowledged by the great art institutes. This happened unfortunately after he passed.


Basquiat was my here in the eighties, he had the courage to choose what he loved most. I in a certain way lacked that courage and let myself be put down by people with a very lacked mindset. But he went for it, and somehow his determination got him where he wanted to be. But then the drugs ended that way too soon.

This tribute positions him in a similar tribute he made for his beloved jazz musician Charlie Parker.

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Weight 500 g