Magic really happens

A week about magic, that was sparked in me again after watching Jingle Jangle A Christmas Journey. It was an awakening of something that lives so strong in me. However, it became a bit bland because of what the world has turned into. The awakening made me realise we need more magic; the world needs more magic. You need more magic, and all you need to do is BELIEVE.

I know believes are formed since childhood, and by what the majority of the world thinks is normal. With that, we keep within the save boundaries set out by people who fear the most and are blind to magic. The good thing is, you can reprogram those beliefs into something that you truly are. I, for sure, found my magic again, and I will always keep looking for it on a daily base.

Transform to find the magic back

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Magic? A question if you Believe

Before I finish, I would like to ask you is Can you tell me in ONE word what it is that you want to believe in for yourself.

I wish you all a wonderful Christmas with lots of love, compassion and magic.

And remember it is all about believing!

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