Be Honest… Are You Thinking About Intentions For This New Year Right Now? I have to be dead honest, I do not set my intentions by the end of the year. If I do, it feels as if I punish myself for the things I have done but did not suit me really well. Well, let me tell you, and you already know, it never works.

From yearly intentions to daily

So what do I do then that could also benefit you? I set my intentions every day when I wake up. I have a daily routine made into habits that really suit me. One of them is setting my intention for the day to come.

Why does that work so well? It works because it sets my mood in the right direction. I start my day by asking myself some lofty questions. I also sometimes ask: ‘wouldn’t it be nice if?’

I made this a habit. It is one of the routines that I have taught myself to have a life that feels good. And the good thing is, when you do this daily, your life will change in a way that makes you feel good most of the time anyway. And it makes you more resilient when things are not exactly going the way you want it.

I would suggest to just try this, give it a go. You know a habit is not something that happens overnight. It needs consistency and daily practice. I know you can do that too, it takes up to 5 minutes to start your day.

ONE thing though, do it with intention!

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