As a little girl, I had a vivid imagination. Gladly I still have, and I feel a child inside that chuckles when I create something again. ‘Use your imagination’ they told us in school when we had to draw or paint.

Many children were staring in the blanc. Their imagination already fogged by so-called reality.

My imagination has always been with me. It made me the storyteller in music and visual arts; even in university that trained to become an academic. But they lack every form of imagination because they can only colour within the lines. Whilst doing a MA and PhD, I felt so blocked because it limited me on every level possible.

I am happy that my inner child kept banging the drum inside of me. I really enjoy it every time she chuckles within me when we come up with something. Imagination is one of the most important assets we have, and we should cherish it. When imaginative, we see the wonder in everything. I have seen many who see the wonder in their story after I made it into a colourful art book, I have seen many see the wonder in their portrait that I painted. Can you imagine your story made into an art book? Can you imagine a portrait painted of you? Feel the love and wonder?

Imagination is the key in our lives and my question to you: What is ONE word that describes what you imagine when you look at this portrait?

Water colour Inga & Christopher - Imagination
Karin Merx, 2019, Inga and Christopher, watercolour, 30x40cm, collection Inga Wolf

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