In our last episode, I promised to do an episode about expressionism. However, last week has brought me so much information and knowledge and experience that is important for us as artists, that I decided to skip that topic.

As artists, whether in visual arts, music, writers or any form of art, we were often not really supported by our parents simply because they were also taught that art is not something you can make a living from. I battled that for years, I make a living from my art, however, it is not the easiest path I chose. I know I am not the only artist and I know many can only be full-time because they have a spouse that earns the income, or they work part-time or even full-time.

The question is why would some go wild and others keep struggling or it is not easy to get to that place they want to be? It’s simple but not easy, it’s called our blueprint that was instilled in many from a young age. Even if you go, you do the work, you kind of succeed, that blueprint runs in the background and will always keep you from being that successful art entrepreneur you want to be. Today 3 points that you can use to start to change. Blueprint, mindset, inner work.