In episode 10 of Art Talk, I discuss the values we have, need to have and build our identity as artists and why that is necessary.

Values and identity, why are they important for us as artists.

Leonardo Da Vinci had the values: of creativity, curiosity, talent and knowing how to see.

Da Vinci’s values reflect his art and the inventions he created. Leonardo Da Vinci had a Universal view. He was very aware of the laws of nature and its values, creating after the universal laws of nature. The question is what he stood for as an artist, inventor and even scientist. He did not really have a former education but he is now certainly seen as a genius. This is because he followed his natural path, that of the creator. His creativity was undoubtedly one of his most vital points, as we can still admire his works. But he was curious about how things worked and why. He studied the human body to learn how to see. His notebooks are full of entries that speak about how to paint a figure, position how to see nature and capture it. How to learn to look through as opposed to only looking at the service. His values created his identity.