‘Portrait Joshua davis’, pastel on water colour paper


Drawing, pastel

31 cm x 31 cm

metal frame

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Joshua Davis is designer, artist and technologist in New York. He creates hand-drawn assets, and with programs on the computer generates compositions which are all unique. The process is called dynamic abstraction. The pieces are aesthetic and available for posters, web design, ceramics and other objects.

The work of Joshua was a revelation for me. I had never seen anyone make such work for Internet, but it was mainly his experimental work on Praystation that was extremely captivating. His book Flash to the core (2002) brought me onto actionscript. A few years ago Josh created the Hype framework for Flash. He left Flash and brought the Hype framework to Processing. The possibilities are incredible. If you are interested in working with Hype, check out his classes online.

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Weight 500 g