Art Talk – Showing Up

In episode 22 of Art Talk, I talk about Showing Up. A wise mentor told me that 80% of success is showing up. What does that mean? That’s my talk of today and I also will give you something that can help you surpass that voice in your head. If you want to grow skills, […]

Art Talk – I Know You Can Do It

In episode 21, I talk about how, against all odds, I studied music, and art anyway. Why that is and why I know you can do that too. It is all about the mindset. Let me ask you. Do you want to grow or do you want to keep moaning about that stupid art school […]

Artists do not need to struggle

In our last episode, I promised to do an episode about expressionism. However, last week has brought me so much information and knowledge and experience that is important for us as artists, that I decided to skip that topic. As artists, whether in visual arts, music, writers or any form of art, we were often […]

Art Talk – Part 2 Abstract Art

In Episode 18 I discuss Abstract art and its history. I give examples of a few artists who became famous for their abstract art and share tips on how to learn to look at it to decide if that is what you want to collect. Contact Instagram Facebook YouTube

Art Talk – Part 1 why training the eye makes you a better art collector

This is episode 17 of Art talk, the first of a series I do for an upcoming workshop for art collectors or aspiring art collectors/investors. In this first episode, I introduce myself and talk about my mission to bring art collectors and artists close and how art collectors can become better and more confident connoisseurs […]

Art Talk – Interview with Artist Kelli Folsom

In Episode 15 of Art Talk, I have a lovely interview with artist Kelli Folsom. Kelli Folsom is an American artist and she is wildly known for her still life paintings. She won multiple awards, of which one was in 2017, Best Still Life, Women Artists of the West, McBride Gallery. She teaches online and […]

Art Talk – The Power of Painting Self Portraits

In episode 14 I discuss the power of painting self-portraits, and how it will deepen your process. It is a way to come to the simplicity of the other end of complexity. Find my work on: Website Instagram Facebook Support the podcast on Patreon

Art Talk – Mastering your Art and Entrepreneurial kills

In Episode 13 I discuss the importance of mastering your skills to become either a professional artist or to get better and better as an artist. You also have to master entrepreneurial skills if you want your independence, able to talk with your collectors instead of the galleries and museums and auction houses and the […]

Art Talk – Interview with Artist Zita Schlegel

In episode 12, I have Artist Zita Schlegel as my guest. Artist from Germany, and lover of animals, she paints the most beautiful animal portraits. From dogs, cats and horses to wild animals with whom she also helps organisations that work towards the preservation of endangered wildlife. Find Zita Schlegel via Google to visit her […]