Stage setting designs I made for theatre and video, stop motion. I love children and their spontaneity. I always wanted to create a form of total theatre and I started to write a story, created the puppets and found music to accompany it. That was Joris and his friends. After the first sessions, I found someone to work with and together we played Joris about 200 times in Amsterdam and The Hague.

The second one was Pablo and the Speaking Mountain. Again, I created all designs and wrote the outline of the story. Together with a small group, we made it a nice theatre. With a new group, we changed it in an interactive play for children which was very successful.

The Street was the last theatre I made for children in cooperation with a music school in Amsterdam. We played this more than 200 times and in the end had to make jokes to keep it interesting for ourselves. But the children enjoyed every little bit of it.

The stop motion was commissioned by someone who wanted an original remembrance of his marriage. It was a nice challenge to illustrate the scenery and make a pop-up scene that opened the sequence.

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