Rob Hulsbosch

Karin Merx, Rob Hulsboch, print on watercolour  paper, Marianne Hulsbosch


This portrait was made in remembrance of graphic designer Rob Hulsbosch. I knew Rob as a very gentle, kind man. In the late eighties and the beginning of the nineties we met often while playing squash. The last time I talked with him was when we accidentally met on the train in Holland towards Rotterdam. It was as if we always had kept in touch. We made an agreement to quickly see each other again when I needed to be in Amsterdam. Unfortunately, that was too late. By the time I had to visit Amsterdam again frequently for research, Rob was already terminal. Not long after that he passed away. I made this portrait for his sister Marianne.

Because Rob was a graphic designer, I chose to combine analogue and digital. The portrait itself is hand drawn, the colours and texture were added in photoshop.

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