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The greatest Gift to give a loved one is the gift of Art.

All gift cards will be handmade and unique for you. Send and sealed with a wax seal. Don’t forget to leave your name and address and some details about who you want to surprise, so the card can be personified.

Caliz Studios has 5 options for you:

  • Illustrated Book (7 x 7 inch/ 18 x 18 cm) of your story with a portrait drawing £1997.-
  • Watercolour portrait + illustrated book (12 x 12 inch/ 30 x 30 cm) of your story £2997.-
  • Portrait in oil in 40 x 60 cm + illustrated book of your story £5000. –  (lay flat 12 x 12 inch/ 30 x 30 cm)

You will receive a mail immediately after purchase to make an appointment.

(Don’t forget to give me additional information. You can find that under your shipping details, thank you)



Art is so important in our lives, and your story is worthy of being told. Your face is worthy of being painted and you deserve to see yourself as a work of art.

Customers who received their story as they told me, in a beautiful book were very emotional to see their words, as they became art. Art heals and is a beautiful gift for someone you truly love.

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Gift Cards

£1997, £2997, £5000