One Pivotal Story Of Your Life Made Into An Art Book


Art Book Hard Back with Typographical Art designed cover printed
Square: 7 x 7 inch or 18 x 18 cm
Paper: Mohawk proPhoto Pearl


Your Story Matters, and therefore, when published in an Art Book this will change your perception, brings hope and love.

The most important value of one pivotal story of your life made into an Art Book is that it makes you embrace your story and be proud of it.

How does it work?

You commission me, and we make an appointment. We get acquainted then you tell me the story. In this case, one pivotal story that altered your life. That can be sad, happy or even the story of someone you admire.

I record the story and personally transcribe it. I do not edit it because they are your words, and your words matter. After I transcribed the recording, I will divide the story into parts and intuitively select words, phrases or sentences and transform them into typographical art. After that process, I design the book and send it to a publisher who will print a copy proof.

From the copy proof, I make a short video and send that to you. You critically read if I have transcribed your words correctly. Once proofed, I order the book that comes directly to you. I will send a certificate of authenticity to your address that you can place into the Art Book.

With Love & Compassion,


P.S. Want your biography made into a unique Art Book? Contact me.