The key to creativity is knowing that your thinking creates your experience.

-L. Hay

I love this affirmation of Louise Hay, she is so true, and my believe is that everyone is able to be creative.

courseThat said, I am very happy to announce that my course ‘Portraits as a Story’ is online, and this $70 course can be enrolled for just $37.50 till June 4th on

This is the first course of many to follow. In ‘Portraits as a Story’ I teach you how to start a portrait drawing and the materials you can use, where you can find inspiration, how to use a photo as the base for a drawing or painting, draw the portrait or self-portrait and make it into something that you relate to.

One of the examples I give is the portrait of Michael Jackson that I made for the cover of the book ‘The Dangerous Philosophies of Michael Jackson: His Music, His Persona, and His Artistic Afterlife’ by Elizabeth Amisu. I depicted Michael Jackson as a 17 century royal person.

This course also gives you insight into Art History. I strongly believe that knowing about the history makes you conscious of the creator you are yourself and the heritage you build on. For the Art History I chose to take a look at people of African origin in painting, as well as artists from the diaspora, because this seems to be a very underrated aspect when it comes to learning about art history.

The course is for everyone who loves to draw, the possibilities are limitless.

Have fun, and see you at 

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