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Stay True To Who You Really Are, You Are Good Enough is my Why. With that I create art for people who feel that they struggle with this or have struggled with it.

This New Offer, is for you or your loved one or someone you know would really benefit by it.
As extra with this specific offer, you will also receive a print from one of the original illustrations that you can frame.

How does it work?
You contact me via email at karinmerx(at)gmail.com and write me a bit about yourself.
We make an appointment and either via Skype or life if possible, we meet and take it from there.

The Process
I will record your story and transcribe it without editing. Next step is making the choices for the parts that will be illustrated, and illustrate them. I will then assemble and design the book. We either meet again where I hand you your story or send it.