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The painting is framed in a wooden box.

Price: £5000,-

The portrait I painted of Basquiat is kind of a tribute to my hero of the eighties. Above his portrait I placed the crown that he often used in his work and therefore can be seen as his logo. I crowned him king of the neo expressionists art of the eighties. The references are from his work Charles the First and in a way you could see my painting as a paraphrase on Charles the First. I gave my painting the title Jean the First. At the right a reference to the second panal of Charles the First with the date of birth and date of death of Basquiat. The cross proceeds into the hand that points to the acronym JMBSQT. Basquiat used acronyms like SAMO (same old shit) and CPRKK (Charly Parker). Below the acronym I placed the title SHHH / Peaceful, a piece from the cd In a silent way from Miles Davis. The E’s in peaceful I have drawn as three vertical lines as Basquiat did when working on the street, writing his graffiti and what I think is a fancy reproduction of the letter E.

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