Karin Merx, 2019, Inga and Christopher, watercolour, 30x40cm, collection Inga Wolf

I am happy to reveal my newest work. This is a double portrait with a very special twist. The woman who commissioned me told me her story. While sketching her I suddenly received this idea out of nowhere to actually make it a double portrait. I did, however, I did not exactly know why I needed to do that although I always noticed energy around her but had no idea what it was or how to place it. It became clear as soon as she saw the work. I apparently gave her twin brother a face. He passed soon after his birth. She had shown a picture to her parents, and I received a heartfelt mail that said: ‘What an emotional moment, what an overwhelming encounter when we saw our son Christopher for the first time as a grown-up: Together with his twin sister Inga, he looked at us from Karin’s watercolour portrait, he who in reality had left us a fortnight after his birth, whom we could never hug, we never saw toddle, whose tears we never dried and whom we never saw becoming a strong individual like our daughter is one. How compelling – the two faces appearing so akin to each other, though two characters of different sex. Of course. that is how he would look like today in his forties. Thank you Karin, we will never lose him again, and he will always be there when we look at our daughter or talk about her.’

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