mj-course‘Painting Portraits As A Story’ is a brand new unique course for everyone, and it is only $75,-! This course is an introduction to drawing and/or painting portraits in a specific context. In short: portraits in a story or as a story. The course starts with a simple explanation on how you can start drawing a portrait with the use of the egg form and lines for measurements to place the eyes, nose, and mouth. Once you conquered this, we go on with the actual portrait. This can be everyone you want to draw, a friend, family member yourself or even maybe if you are a fan of Michael Jackson, you can draw his portrait.

Painting Portraits As A Story at www.onlineartseducation.co.uk

This course also has a brief introduction on portraiture in Art History, and specifically the portraits of people of African origin, a topic that is not often taught.

‘Making portraits’ for beginners is for everyone who is interested in drawing or painting portraits. It really doesn’t matter what level you think are on because the course is designed for people who always wanted to draw but never took the opportunity, who want to learn for fun or who are always eager to gain more knowledge and skills.

The course has seven topics and a duration of seven weeks, but you can access the course for five years, and that includes in-between updates or add-ons.

Course in 7 parts:

  1. Basic techniques of drawing a portrait/ Material that you can use, and sources to find or buy them
  2. Finding inspiration for your drawing or painting.
  3. Drawing a portrait from a photo
  4. Drawing or painting yourself. The self-portrait in different ways (or a portrait of someone you like or admire)
  5. Portraiture in art history
  6. Looking at portraits: appreciating, visiting museums or find them on the Internet.
  7. Assignments for fun:
    1. Draw the egg form and the help lines to put the eyes, nose and mouth on the right places.
    2. Prepare a photo and draw the portrait.
    3. Take the portrait to another level and make a choice in material.
    4. Think about the context you want to put it in and start drawing, painting, baking, or paper cutting the portrait.
    5. Show your creations on the Internet with the hashtag #portraitsOnlineArts
    6. Write about the portrait you chose in the museum or online and how you interpret the portrait.

For students who put their work online with the hashtag #portraitsOnlineArts I will make a choice of my 5 favourites who will receive a digital print of one of my portraits.




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