This is the book cover I designed for my book A Festive Parade of Highlights. La Grande Parade as evaluation on te museum policy of director Edy de Wilde at the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam.

La Grande Parade was used as title because for De Wilde it was a painting with a story. La Grande Parade is a painting by Fernand Léger, and it was in the fifties of the last century that De Wilde told Léger he wanted to acquire it for the Van Abbe Museum where De Wilde was director from 1946-1963. Léger told him to go to his art dealer and so De Wilde did. Unfortunately, the art dealer did not keep his word and sold the painting to the Guggenheim New York. It was also the Guggenheim that gave this painting on loan in 1984 only for De Wilde who was retiring after this exhibition. The story goes that they had to fly it over with an open nose because the painting is huge.

The painting depicts circus performers who gather in the circus ring. I took out the ring as a symbol of the circus ring of De Wilde and the artists that would exhibit on his last exhibition as director of the Stedelijk Museum.

cover design Karin Merx

Cover Design by Karin Merx


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