Mockup Book Cover Art Project

On this page you will find updates about this art project. If you found this page and want to contribute there are a few possibilities.

Via GoFundMe or by purchasing one or more I Am Good Enough items in our shop.

The donations enable me to create this project. To paint the portraits, to transcribe the stories, to illustrate them and to design the book. The book will be available through this website, Blurb and Amazon. All proceeds are for The Wings Of Freedom Art Centre for Women and Girls who Survived Domestic Abuse, I am about to found. The aim is to start with workshops where they can visualise their story, and to expand this year to workshops in music, dance, theatre and the art of Self defence. Additional this centre is a save space to create a community and a space where they can study to transform themselves. To step back into their power.


Domestic abuse is a daily horror for many women and girls. As I wrote in my last newsletter, only last year 87000 women were killed by their spouse, ex or family member. We don’t really know how many more lost their lives. It is probably just the tip of the iceberg.  


Together with four very brave women who survived, I am about to create an art project. They tell me their story that I will narrate and illustrate. Their stories will be published in a beautiful book together with the portraits I paint.

Their stories need to be out there, their stories need to be heard and seen. These beautiful women were able to pick up their lives again, however, not without the scars. So many other women still endure abuse. Abuse in various ways, psychological, physical, financial, sexual, emotional and often a combination of them all.


Art has healing power, works as catharsis, in creating it as well as looking at it. Art creates a safe space where all shame falls away. Art with meaning gives to those who need it; art encourages and consoles. This art project will change perspectives for those who participate. It will give hope to those who still suffer. It is to bring this so necessary awareness. Abuse happens to women you meet on your work, in the street and your neighbourhood, and you probably are not even aware.

To turn pain into art is a form of leniency. This also shows the inner beauty of the participants. It is what the world needs because within that lives compassion. 

My final words are of gratitude. I want to thank everyone from the bottom of my heart for their believe in my mission, for their believe in the healing power of art and making it possible for me to create this project.