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Art Books

What are Art Books? Do you have a personal story that changed your life? Do you frequently have to tell that story? Are you at a point in your life where things are changing? Do you have a loving memory of yourself or a loved one? If these questions ring a bell, an art book is definitely something you want to explore.
An Art Book is your story captured as you told me. Your words and/or phrases are turned into beautiful word art and beautifully coloured paged.

So, how does it work? We first start with an introduction call. This is FREE! After we agree on all things discussed, we make an appointment via zoom. You tell me that specific story in about 30 minutes or less. (if you need more time, we have discussed that in the introduction call.)
I record your story and write it out by hand. I do that myself because I want you to feel that your words are safe with me. The recording will be deleted afterwards.
Next, I start the process. This means choosing specific words or phrases to make into word art.
After I finish the word art, I will make the book with layout and colours.
As a result, you will receive a copy in pdf to read through the text.
No editing as it is about the raw emotion of told stories.
After the check and adaptations, I send it to the publisher. This is my copy proof. When I am happy with the print, I order your copy that will be sent straight to your home.

Photo of a few Art Books



Art Books For A Specific Cause

As an artist, using my art for a cause that needs attention is one way to utilise my value of Unity. Since 2019 I have worked on two critical projects. One was We Share Our Stories: Survivors of Domestic Abuse. Three women told their stories and I made it into an Art Book that shows the raw emotion women go through when abuse happens or has happened.

My recent project, which I also started in 2019, is Black Queer Role Models: Painting For Unity—ten portraits and ten poems written by my collaborator Anneka Chambers. This project has been set up to use art as a vehicle to discuss and teach children, teenagers and young adults about LGBTQi+.

With this book comes a lesson brief that gives not only a few resources but is mainly a handout for the various ways this book can be used in classrooms, with organisations and institutions.